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I know, I know, I have a million books to review and I am so very far behind. I hope to get to more while I’m visiting my folks here in Alaska.

The Lost Sisterhood by Anne Fortier
The Lost Sisterhood
by Anne Fortier (Goodreads Author)


Patti Hall‘s review 

Read in August, 2014


A hefty read at almost 600 pages, but worth every minute I spent reading it. I enjoy strong, brave, and curious female characters who look for solutions and are not stopped by challenges. And, wow, do they have some challenges!
This book gave me two such main characters, as well as a couple of others I admired. The three male leads were never a sure thing—were they good or evil? worthy of our leading ladies?– until they finally showed their true colors.
Every twist and turn, however dangerous or puzzling, fit into the bigger picture on the trail of the lives of the mysterious Amazons. Geography, history, love, mystery and a bit of magic thrown in made this roller coaster ride of a story great entertainment.
Two quests separated by thousands of years, yet both leading to a surprising conclusion. Fact and fiction are stirred together and the reader comes out wondering…hmmm, maybe a little research will quench my thirst for more information about this amazing sisterhood?

Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

6 thoughts on “Book Review

  1. Sounds an interesting one for sure – I was drawn by the title, and I love epic 600 page books:-) Enjoy your time with your precious family in Alaska..hugs, Harula xxx

  2. I’m with you: Many books to read and so little time, but you made it through a 600-page tome. The phrase “fact and fiction stirred together” got my attention.

    Enjoy Alaska!

    • I made it through because it was so interesting and entertaining to me. One chapter would be present day folks digging up new finds, then the next would be folks living in and around those finds. That’s what kept me going…and the whole myth (or not) about the Amazon sisterhood.
      Alaska all good, we are down to the wire getting mom’s paintings ready!
      Hope your day goes well, Marian and thanks for jumping in here.

  3. Sounds good, Patti. Thanks for the snappy positive review.

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