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Dec 2012 Hawaii w/mom

Dec 2012 Molokai, Hawaii

My current roles in life include; writer, daughter, sister, mom, grani, aunt, niece and friend. I strive to do the best that I can in each of these roles, while I keep my focus on writing and publishing. I live near the beach in Washington State and enjoy my solitude. I spend my time walking the beach, writing, reading, taking photos, gardening, traveling and digging into family history.

I was born (3 of 7) in Oklahoma City, while dad was in the Air Force; we left OKC when I was two. We spent the next few years in the Anchorage, Alaska area. My family moved to O’Malley Road in 1964, a rural area just outside of Anchorage. I packed up all my teenage angst and left home when I was 16 to wander around Alaska and California.

My first marriage was a wild ride that took me to Texas, Florida, Oregon, Washington and Oklahoma. After that craziness wore itself out, I married again and lived in several areas of Western and Eastern Washington State, including a couple of the San Juan Islands. I ended up settling  in Centralia, WA with my 2 young children, surrounded by my aunt, uncle and cousins (but without my last husband).

My next partnership lasted 14 years, but it too ended in divorce. I raised 2 incredible children in Lewis County, WA and they paid me back with a bunch of precocious, lively little grands. My Grani role is the one that keeps me young. The little grands are the best audience for my pure silly side. They give me room to enjoy the miracles of nature, fairies, gnomes and the mysterious elementals.

In 2005 I moved in with an old friend, who became my new best friend and love. The relationship was everything that we both needed and wanted. We sat our burdens aside and found out just how easy it was to be happy and in a loving relationship. We agreed that we had never laughed and smiled as much in our lives. Then he got sick. Our journey through his illness and death are explained further in the articles found in the “MEMOIR” tab at the top of my site.

I am now a widow (2009), lost my sister (2012), in April 2013 I lost a precious grandson, and my aunt died in Oct. 2013. I’m writing through grief, hoping to reach the other side.

Author Bio

Patti Hall’s current writing includes poetry, blogging, fiction (essays, stories, children’s books), and non-fiction (memoir and journals).

Writing Background 1989-2010: Patti wrote online articles and a weekly column for the now defunct “She’s Got” network. Her site, Rising Writers, for aspiring young writers was voted Top 101 Writers Web Sites in Writer’s Digest for 2000. Patti was contributing editor to an online home school newsletter, and her poetry and essays  have won several awards and honors. While attending The Evergreen State College Patti presented her women’s anthology, “Finding Our Voices” at an out of state college symposium. She was editor of the Centralia College newspaper and, as assistant Public Relations Manager for the college, wrote articles for the local newspaper.  Patti taught  a writing class for parents and children at a homeschooling conference. She has composed newsletters for communities and businesses, and  has always been the go-to writer for her friends, family & community.

Online Writing Credentials

writing as Patricia Moon

Mar-Jun 2000

She’s Got Network: She’s Got It Together: Family Channel

Weekly Homeschooling Column, “Three R’s and a Family, Naturally”

Copies available upon request from author (site off line Jun2000).


The New Homemaker

Freelance articles/photos; family, home and health issues; all avail by search on site.

1999-2000, Volunteer

Writing Corner  no longer has Rising Writer page.

Editor: Rising Writers, Voted Top 101 Writers Web Site in Writer’s Digest for 2000

Articles, tips, advise and helpful links for young writers.

Nov 1999-May 2000, Volunteer

Seedling E-Zine, one article still available from link below

Contributing Editor, Unschooling articles

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  1. I love your blog and your writing. Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog, have enjoyed having a look around yours. Your writing is very moving and I have really enjoyed reading it. Can’t wait to read more!

  3. I don’t know why it took me so long to get to your blog. I need to double-check my subscriptions. Anyway, glad I finally made it here and looking forward to reading more :). Best, Marie

  4. Hi Patti, my new found friend:-) Just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for the sunshine award! I’ve so appreciated your enthusiastic and detailed comments, they’ve brought me warmth and smiles…so thank you. If you’d like to accept the award just drop by, and otherwise just know…you are appreciated:-)

    • Hi,
      Somehow this got tossed in my spam file and I just happened to find it. That is a new twist for me. Thank you so much for the nomination. I’m going to visit my grands for a day or so, will check it out after I get back. You are appreciated as well. We can never have too many friends.

  5. Patti, I have a really hard time navigating on sites still so i don’t know if you’ll even get this message! i read the the link you sent me and think i am now following your blog if i did it right 🙂 Its AWESOME… thanks for taking the time to bring it to my attention… blessings and all that positive stuff to you!!

    Darcy Thiel

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog! I live in Portland, so we’re not too far apart regionally. Sorry for the losses in your life. Recently been through some myself. I’ve added your blog to my Feedly feed so I’ll be reading as I can.

  7. Hey Patti, great blog!

    Hope you are well! I have just nominated you for the Inner Peace Award .. 🙂

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  9. I didn’t know where to add this so I’m putting it here rofl. Thank you for liking that silly time travel post. I’ve added about 6 lines to the ending – I’d just left it at time travel and extended it. How does that work?

  10. Thanks for the follow, Patti!

  11. Wow Patti 🙂 I so would love to be your shadow occasionally. You have given so much to the literary word, and still giving as is evident here.
    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, it means so much to me. I promised I’d stop by here, so here I am!
    I know this will be a most pleasing experience, visiting often 🙂

  12. hey amiga
    how am i not following you?!!!! perdon! perdon also that the keyboard is skipping keys tonight/this morning! yes, you were right; there’s a lot i did not say.. friends are most likely entering litigation, and others involved are showing true colors which are not pretty. their masks/facades are cracking. Some are telling lies that I know for a fact are not true, though i hold my tongue and know it’s not my place to set them right. the post about red flags has most of the details tucked in there! :)) z

    • I don’t know how you are not following me, because we flew a magic carpet across the sky together:>) WP is being weird, I’ve noticed…
      I will read more, but still hope for peace. Keep blowing your awesome travel stories and photos at them all:>)

      • si, i agree.. i know that some i have followed suddenly were not followed, including my own, which i “get” to see that each post goes out the way i hoped!

        well, the link is working again now! i hope to finish the compass by saturday!

  13. Hi Patti,

    Thanks for visiting and commenting. I understand only too well the therapeutic values of writing. Grief is a powerful emotion, it puts a person in touch with something they might not have realised they possessed before.

    Here I am, five years on, a degree under my belt and an absolute writing addict, I feel sure my Dad would have split his sides with pride had he been here to see it.

    I hope as each day passes, your life will lighten a little more.

    Best wishes


  14. Thanks for the follow.
    Please Accept an Award I created

  15. Glad to be connected.. a wonderful blog 😉

  16. Thank yo for stopping by my neck of the woods – your spot near the beach looks like a great place to hang out:) Kimberly xx

  17. Just a late message to say a big, big thanks for spending so much time dodging around beeseeker world recently. Glad that you found something you liked, drop in any time: I like to think there is always something new going on.
    But, maybe not at the moment: I am trying out my creative writing muscles… or trying to find out if I have any lol!

  18. I love your blog and thanks so much for visiting mine :

  19. So glad to have found your beautiful blog! If it weren’t for my cries for help for my site dilemma, I would not have found you. One door opens when another closes.

  20. Thank you kindly for dropping by wePoets. It’s appreciated and we’d be happy to showcase your work should you want to share. I’m truly sorry for all the losses you’ve endured, my heart goes out to you. (Zoe)

  21. So glad to meet you here on WordPress through your following my blog. I’ll really enjoy reading through your posts. How wonderful that you write as one way to work through your grief. The posts I’ve read so far are comforting and soothing. Thanks for reaching out to me.

  22. Patti looks like I found another great writing site to visit! Look forward in reading more.

  23. So you decided to follow Uncle Spike. Oh I’m a happy blogger now – thanks for that special mouse click.

    Have a great old day…

  24. Hi Patti! Thank you for dropping my blog, for liking some posts and for following it too! 🙂
    It is very much appreciated! Will drop by to investigate your blog further

  25. Hi Patti,
    Thank you for finding me and following me!

    in light,

  26. Hi Patti, thanks for following my blog. Nice name (my middle name is Patricia) and you sure do not look like a grani…but neither do I…I think…but I’m a Nana:)

    • The Grani title was as my request because it just makes me crack up.
      Most of my local friends call me Patricia, as I prefer. My family calls me Patti, and that is what I write under.
      I enjoyed a quick visit over at your place, but will be back for more:>) Glad you stopped in!

  27. Coughing and brushing off the dust and sheet rock. Geez! When you say you’re remodeling, you mean it! Hope all is going ok…cough. ***hugs***

  28. I have nominated you for an award!
    Please, check out:
    Of course you don’t have to accept, just know you’re appreciated!

  29. Nice blog. you have been trough a lot in life 😀

  30. Hi there Patti,
    Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blogosphere and for the follow. Your support is much appreciated,


  31. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I’ll be away for a month but when I come back, I

  32. Oops. What happened?
    When I come back I hope to join up with your again. 🙂

  33. Very nice to meet you Patti. I enjoyed reading your bio so much that I will share it on Twitter… keep writing! 🙂

  34. Hi Patti – you’ve certainly had your share of interesting and challenging life experiences – more fodder for personal growth and the writing it spawns. Thank you so much for visiting, leaving your string of “likes” and following Beauty Along the Road!

  35. Hi Patti, long time!! I’ve just nominated you for The Versatile Bloggers Award 🙂 Here is the link if you wish to accept:

    Best wishes,


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