to find Patti Singleton these days.


Awards are a wonderful thing. Here is where I will keep my treasured awards. I think we have all learned, that the longer we blog, the less time we have to follow through on blogger award responsibilities.

I remember being a new blogger and seeing these bright, shiny awards everywhere. Of course I wanted some. But I had no followers, except a couple family members and close friends, and none of them were blogging (they were/are here just to support me!:>).

I believe it was Marie at , who gave me my first award. Man, did I research that thing! And I found many new blogging friends by passing that award onward. They are perfect ice-breakers for new bloggers. After 7 months and almost 1000 followers, I’m just too busy to follow up on the awards anymore.

And, yes, I do question the professionalism of them. I also wonder if they will be associated with the fake book awards and reviews that some unscrupulous indie writers have bought and paid for. I have even had several professionals on the business end of writing question the innocent little blogger awards. And I listened.

So, while I still think that the blogger awards are great for new bloggers to meet others and begin to build a community, I think there comes a time to put them away (at least for me). It is time for me to be more earnest in my effort to publish, as well as, time for me to focus on attracting readers with some writing they might enjoy. I have a wonderful community of writer friends, family and life friends, and now I want to add some seriously great readers to the community.

I also want to make it clear that I have no intention of judging or deciding what is best for other writers. You may completely disagree with my thoughts on this, but please don’t be offended…that is not my intention at all. I welcome your comments.

Please see more award-related posts below.

Thank you, Tana Bevan!

Thank you, Shaun, John W. Howell, & S.K. Nicholls!

Thank you, Melissa and Maria!

Thank you, Marie!

Thank you, Harula and Maria!

I Won A Special Blogger Award; Only 14 Left!

October 16, 2013 by  | 33 Comments

Versatile Blogger Award

Only 15 of these special awards left! See details below.

I am honored to have been awarded the very special Versatile Blogger Award by my blogging, doodle artist friend Tana Bevan at . You may remember that she drew the special figure of my family pet, Ricky Raccoon, in my Welcome to the Neighborhood page here.

Tana made Ricky famous on Twitter, Facebook and has even made a greeting card out of his image. Now she has drawn this special doodle adaptation of the Versatile Blogger Award and I want to share it with my friends here at The Write Place.

ONLY 15 BLOGGERS CAN GET THIS AWARD HERE! Once 15 versatile bloggers have accepted the award in the comments section below, that will be all I have available, so grab it while you can:>) {at least I didn’t say, “before midnight tonight!”}

Here are the rest of the rules:

I. Display the Award Certificate on your blog. (See doodle above.)

II. Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you.In my case that would be the talented and generous, Tana Bevan…THANK YOU!!!

III. Post seven interesting things about yourself. Ugh, really? I think I have exhausted the interesting things. How about things you don’t know?

1- I won a house for $1.00 many years ago.

2- I dated an Italian male stripper in Oklahoma City when I was 21.

3- I have lived on 2 of the San Juan Islands of Washington State.

4- I have attended the births of 7 babies, plus 2 of my own.

5- I hope to travel and live in the Greek Islands and Central America for at least several months each.

6- I have been frog-gigging on an air boat, in the middle of the night, in a swamp in Florida. Eww!

7- I have hiked to the rim of the crater of Mt. Saint Helens in Washington State, and through the underground lava tubes nearby.

Now, back to the rules…

IV. Present 15 deserving bloggers with the award, or be led astray by me, and let the awards be self-chosen by bloggers in your community:>)

V. Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment. Skip this step if you have been led astray. But DO encourage everyone to visit the 15 bloggers who have accepted the award in the comments below. 

P.S. All those pumpkins were driving me nuts! I wanted to make it through Halloween with them, but just could not. I have a special header coming soon.

Peace Out,




  1. I love that award Patti and how amazing that you had it made especially for you. I love it when people do kind and personal things like that. I would love to have the award on my blog but we have only just really connected and so I am sure that there are others more deserving. I did want to comment though to say how much I liked it. :-)

  2. Have fun, Patti. It’s one of you lovely skills. You’re special in lots of ways.

  3. Congratulations! very well deserved!! I will not presume to claim one of the last 15, happy to see others fly their versatile flag, but wanted o give my congratulations to you! :) :)

  4. Congratulations! I’ve gotten this one several times, so please let it pass to another. I miss the pumpkins, but excited to see what you come up with!
    p.s. How can I win a house for $1.00?

    • But you don’t have THIS one! Feel free to grab it and tell us 7 things we don’t know about you.
      The pumpkins were too busy for me for that long.
      I hope you like my new header,please let me know when it goes up.
      The house was part of an urban renewal program…bad neighborhood and I was pregnant w/my first baby. Husband said no way! may have been because he had other plans?
      Thanks for stopping by again:>)

  5. Congratulations, and well deserved!

    The $1 house sounds like a good story.

  6. Congratulations, Patti! No claims here as I am trying to focus on non-blog writing. But I’m happy for you!

  7. What an interesting and fun award! Yay for you!!!

  8. Patti girl, I just love coming to your fun page! I am going to have to pass and save an extra for someone else, I just received one last week and I am up to my eyeballs in revisions and deadlines in my writing so please enjoy and share them with others! :) Oh ya, you will notice that every time I post here, wordpress puts me through the immigration process, sometimes won’t let me post, sometimes gives me no gravatar and always gives a different email and not in my pen name, so if you get confused those are just some of the reasons! WP doesn’t appreciate those bloggers who don’t use WP anymore :(

    • Debby,
      No problem about the award. I may be coming to a new understanding about the awards…more later.
      Sorry WP is being hard on you. I had no idea there was an issue.
      So I am even more thankful that you were able to get through that nonsense and make it over here:>)

  9. I hope people who need them pick up the awards. Most of us are pretty overloaded. Right now, I feel dislocated. The New Blog doesnt’ feel like home. Stranger in a strange land time. Nice to got another award. I have some lying around and when I can go home again, I’ll dust them off.

    • As I just told Debby, I am having 2nd thoughts about these awards, will write more later.
      I’m confused, don’t tell me that you miss the pumpkins too?
      I’ll be over later to visit, have not been on the reader much the last few days, so I miss the my peeps.

  10. As Always interesting and so much to learn…….italian – how did i miss that one!

  11. Congratulations! I love the badge but I will pass on the award. Every time I accept an award, I spend more time following the rules (even when I cheat) than I do on my own writing. I’m thinking that from now on, I will acknowledge the blogger who nominates me for an award, but pass on the rest. Although I like the idea of awardees self-selecting, I suspect some bloggers might be too shy to do that. Still, I know I’m not here to get awards. No, I’m just here to fill up empty space with hot air ;)


A Special Award

August 19, 2013 by  | 8 Comments


From fellow blogger, Belsbror, whose blog name is explained on his “about me” page,

The blog name is a Swedish translation of Bel’s brother. The title was chosen in recognition of the author’s younger sister, who is a great inspiration because she personifies the idea that perseverance and drive can make simple dreams come true.”     The message, underlined by me, is truly inspiring.

There are some rules:

1. Display the logo in a post. See above (just learned to do this).

2. Link to the person who nominated you. Thank you, Belsbror

3. Write seven (7) things about yourself.  (Seven is the number of children in my family, and they are very much “about” me.)

1) Sharon is the dark-haired sis, the wise one who keeps us on our toes. 2) Laura is our red-headed sis who’s secrets nobody knows. 3) Patti  orchestrates words, trying to build a writer’s biz. 4) Michael is the oldest bro who says it like it is. 5) Michaela, twin of the next in line, was our laughing hostess, who left the party way too soon. 6) Virginia, our long-haired beauty, is a nursing student, studying in the back room. 7) Connor,our elusive artist brother, writes music and plays a tune.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and inform them of their nomination.

I always cheat on this one and do one at a time, as I find them:>)

Thank you!




  1. Congratulations:-) Well deserved, oh inspiring Phoenix sister!!! H xxx

  2. Way to go Patti. Congratulations!

  3. Very apt award for you! You are a great inspiration, Patti :) Congratulations!

Precious gifts

August 13, 2013 by  | 4 Comments

 Reblogged from Busy Mind Thinking:

Click to visit the original postWhen you are nominated for
an award, when your goal was
just to connect with others –
and then they tell you they
really like what you have to
say. It has deep impact!

That’s what happened when
my friend at
sent me this message.

Have you visited my friends
site? That’s where you will
see real talent.

Huge hugs…I love that you’re…

Read more… 32 more words

This lady is some kind of special…



  1. Congratulations!! Awards are nice :-)

    • Thank you. It has been a surprising couple of days. You and Ionia and Belinda have so much larger burdens with your health issues, on top of the emotional issues that go with it them. Perspective is a good teacher. Sending good thoughts your way.

  2. You and Belinda are both wonderful women (said the same thing on her blog :) … by the way, I voted for you a while ago :) Good luck!


5 New Awards: WordPress Family, Inner Peace, Shine On, and Sunshine

August 11, 2013 by  | 21 Comments


I just love these awards. I mean, who wouldn’t? They are beautifully designed and sent with such loving spirit. However, (yep, there’s always a however) I think the time I would spend sending them on to 45 other bloggers could be better spent. I did answer the questions and I will pass the awards on, but I have to do it my way :>) Over the next week or so (I strongly dislike commitments) I will find 10 brand new (to me or to WP) bloggers to pass these on to. Some, I will pass on one at a time, but some I may pass on as a group award. I’m sure I will find at least one person worthy:>) I will give them the original rules and let them go out and make new friends. I will eventually get all 45 passed on…sorry if this seems unfair, but otherwise I would have to return my pretty awards:>)

Meanwhile, visit these other sites and say hi from Patti.

Thank you all !!!!

Rules For WP Family Award:

1. Display the award logo on your blog. K

2. Link back to the person who nominated you. Shaun @

3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your wordpress experience and family.

4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them (post a comment on their site).

5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people that have taken you as  a friend, and spread the love.

Rules for Inner Peace Award:

In order to accept this award, you simply have to say something nice about your 10 nominees. Melissa @ says of her nominees: These bloggers have suffered tremendously in their lives and yet they continue to bring peace to others through their blog. My hope is for them to be paid back tenfold for their kindness.

Just today I received this award again by Maria @

Rules for Shine On Award:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you. Marie @

3. State 7 things about yourself.

  1. I wear my husband’s wedding band on my thumb.
  2. I wear my wedding set on my right hand, as I heard that some widows do.
  3. I do not game or gamble online; no time or interest.
  4. I love the challenge of making a story fit a word limit. I gives me chills :>)
  5. I have a hard time pronouncing many words–but I can spell & define them!
  6. I love how simple it is to get anyone to smile.
  7. I laugh a lot when I’m alone, and then I laugh at myself for laughing while I’m alone. It gets to be a vicious circle :>)

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

  1. Bastet and Sekhmet
  2. Teri Polen
  3. Readful Things Blog
  4. Busy Mind Thinking
  5. Running Father
  6. Jade Reyner
  7. The D/A Dialogues
  8. Julian Froment’s Blog
  9. The Write Place
  10. Pat Bean’s Blog
  11. Aging Abundantly
  12. Saunved
  13. Green Embers
  14. Year ‘Round Thanksgiving Project
  15. Talking Experience

Rules for Sunshine Award:

Post a picture of the award on your blog.
Link back to the person who nominated you. Harula @
List ten random facts about yourself:
Nominate ten fellow bloggers who “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”
Comment on their blogs to notify them of their nomination.

1: I often catch myself with a pair of glasses on my head and one where they belong.

2: I slam car/truck doors too hard, a habit I keep trying to break.

3: I cuss like a Marine when my computer fails me.

4: I’m jealous of occasional smokers. It goes a bit further than that, but this is a happy award.

5: Tidy is in the eye of the beholder; I am very tidy :>)

6: I wave at cows when driving past them. I can’t help it.

7: I think when writers die, they fall into a living writer’s brain and continue writing. Thank goodness!

8: I don’t care for the many ways that humans have devised to fly, but I would love to soar like a bird.

9: When I swim in a lake, I always think something/one is going to grab my feet and pull me under.

10: I live on a small pension and don’t have the means to buy your book, but I am a dedicated library customer.

From Harula: So, here are the fabulous friends I’d like you to drop in on…who all bring sunshine to my days with their creativity, wisdom and kindness. Some are wonderful new discoveries, some are beloved old favourites. Enjoy:-)



  1. I love your savvy. These wonderful nominations while speaking to the caring of others – are very time consuming. I never follow the rules either. Grin. Congratulations my friend and I’m honored to be listed among your friends. Huge hugs. Happy writing.

    • Thank you. It was either that or quietly fake it! Not my style:>) I really do think they are great, especially for new bloggers…I met a lot of new friends with my first award.
      That’s why I think it will fun to find some new folks and pass these on.
      Thank you for your friendship,

  2. Congratulations and so deserving! :-)

  3. Pretty awards. Congratulations Patti!

  4. Happy time! I think the “shine on” one is my favorite!

  5. I have to do the same soon. Love that you did it your way! :)

  6. How on earth did I miss your last three posts – same with harula. I will have to unfollow and follow u again:(
    Congratulations on these awards – I did enjoy your answers and – oh no!! I’ve been nominated! Thank you, Patti.

  7. Congrats on your awards Patti. Can totally relate to #9 as I do it too. LOL.


16 Jun 2013

Marie at Nominated My Blog!

The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award

I have been honored with the Liebster Award  by my friend Marie Anne Bailey of blog.  The rules of this award are simple (but lengthy):  first, thank the person who honored me (Thank you, Marie!), list  11 unknown facts about myself, and answer 11 questions. I’m going to honor the request from Marie, but I’m going to pass it on so it will be more like the original; funner and easier to do!   Choose 3-5 nominees and give them 3-5 new questions to answer.  The award name means “dearest” in German and it was set up as a fun way to reward and discover new bloggers.

11 Unknown Facts About Me:

  1. I love the sound of chimes; I even have some hanging on a curtain that I brush past regularly.
  2. I love smelling like camp fire.
  3. I sleep with a blanket, sheet or pillow over my head.
  4. I sing, talk, shout and memorize poetry while beach combing.
  5. I don’t watch or have a TV.
  6. I love to fish, especially in Katchemak Bay, Alaska.
  7. I love to free-style dance to jazz and blues.
  8. I swerve to miss frogs on rainy days and nights (watch out!).
  9. Our family raised a pet raccoon, Ricky, who retired to the Alaska Children’s Zoo.
  10. I have been in every state in the U.S., including Hawaii.
  11. I have email subscriptions to Hawaiian and Greek newspapers (written in English!)


11 Questions for the Nominee:

  1. Are you a spy? I may be, but if I answer I’ll have to…well, you know.
  2. What has to happen for you to say you had a perfect writing day? A perfect writing day is when the magic happens and the words flow.
  3. If you won a two-week all-expenses-paid trip to anywhere in the world, where would you go? Two weeks isn’t very long, but okay, Greece.
  4. What do you enjoy most about blogging? Better than all the things I’m learning, are the people I’m meeting and the mutual support we give each other.
  5. Do you have a master plan to take over the world? Yes, one book at a time.
  6. Who do you think should inherit the earth and why? Whoever is listed in the will, because that’s the law. Duh.
  7. If you had the funds to design your perfect writing space, what would it look like? It would be painted white, high ceiling, windows for walls, all the latest office equipment, rocking chair (of course!), fake fireplace and real a/c. Damn, where am I going to hang the bulletin boards and book shelves? Okay one real wall then. Wood floor with yummy throw rugs, and a soft couch with tons of pillows.
  8. What is your favorite animal (wild or domesticated)? My grandchildren; they are wildly domesticated.
  9. Where did you hide the money? See second half of answer #1.
  10. Have you ever been in a witness protection program? If I was, no one told me. Mom? Dad? Can you answer this nut?
  11. Do you think I’m crazy? (trick question) See last two words of last sentence of answer #10, now capitalize the first word and exchange the question mark with an exclamation mark, or three. (Trick answer)

Now for the 3 nominees:

Their questions:

1. Where are you the happiest?

2. What makes you laugh?

3. What are you grateful for today?

4. What is your book about? Come on, we all have one in us.

2 thoughts on “BLOGGER AWARDS

  1. Congratulations you really deserve them 🙂

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