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Community Storyboard Weekly Prompt; Autumn

My Community Storyboard friends are having some issues with the fall season. I decided it was time to bring out one of my Season’s Keepers and Wonders to cheer them up a bit. I hope Fallina helps. Please excuse the lack of formatting…grrr.

Fallina; Keeper of the Leaves

Fallina, Fallina she paints away the green;

her pallet of colors is from red to brown,

and every shade between.

Long ago, she used to pout up a storm, when the leaves fell from the branches,

but now Fallina, with her pallet and brushes, has leaf-painting dances!

Others in the forest were unhappy with the changes too,

they simply had no idea of what they could do.

There was no place to hide when the birds found the need,

and the chipmunks and squirrels found no nuts and no seeds.

Then along came Fallina with her paint dances to cheer up their day.

They had fun splashing colors; they could now wait for May.

With everyone happy The Gatherer came out with a smile,

Putting twigs for the birds, and nuts for squirrels into a humongous pile!

Fallina, Fallina she paints away the green.

Now, everywhere you turn smiles can be seen.

Patti Hall 1998-2013


Harv & Ester, Keepers of the Gardens

Harv & Ester slip quietly through the garden gate.

No human ever guesses just what happens there,

while the harvest they await.


The Keepers of the Gardens begin to sweat and toil,

Harv whispers to the tomatoes,

while Ester begs  worms to turn the soil.


Their glove-less hands gently touch the roots;

they so love to feel the warmth of the earth,

they’ve even kicked off their little boots!


Their nostrils fill with the sweet scent of earth,

the folded vegetation sings “thank you!”,

as they slowly begin their birth.


Oh, Harv & Ester love the vegetables, each and every one,

they love the carrots and lettuce and juicy watermelon.


They even love the pesky ones we know as weeds;

they encourage them to grow;

it makes the humans visit the garden daily—

and the veggies love these visits, as Harv & Ester know.


They encourage and enchant,

all things to surface through the earth,

for these humans must be shown,

just what Mother Nature’s bounty can be worth.


So, up come weeds and rocks and bugs,

that make the humans grumble;

they must learn to love everything of earth…

be it ever so pesky or humble.


Many rewards are granted the humans,

with help from the loving pair;

food in abundance and tranquility,

from the garden in their care.

copyright 2013 Patti Hall

This is one of the Keeper stories from a work-in-progress book.


Keepers Book Synopsis

Season’s Keepers & Nature’s Wonders

14/15 March 2013

Book Synopsis

In the mid-90’s, while raising her two children, Patti Hall and a friend joined forces to create a small home business. Her friend crafted exquisite nature-spun “Keepers” out of a block of wood, felt, raw wool, sparkles and pieces gathered in the gardens and woods around their homes. Little robed creatures emerged. Their only facial feature was a dab of a nose that showed between a long floppy hat and woolly hair or beards. Patti crafted the stories for each Keeper, sometimes before it was created, sometimes after. She has gathered the stories to present them for the enjoyment of a wider audience.

It happened like this:

One day Mother Nature, the mother of all things natural & wondrous, called her people together to choose special Keepers for each season, for all weather, for heavenly bodies and for other earthly and unearthly wonders.

Each Keeper has a sweet name, a specific story, and even some magic help from Mother Nature herself. Her first gift to each Keeper was a bell to let children of all ages know that a Keeper was somewhere near. The second gift was a licorice root stick for healing powers.

© Patti Hall and, 2013.