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A-Z April Challenge; R is For Reviews and Ready to Publish?

Is your final product (your book!) a skunk or a rose?

Skunk Cabbage

Skunk Cabbage.

Autumn Rose

Autumn Rose.











Author Rebecca Lamoreaux wrote a recent A-Z Challenge post about many issues pertaining to writing book reviews. Here is part of my comment, as well as some further discussion and helpful links.

To be honest, these issues make me hesitate to publish. No one is perfect, but I think books need to be as close to perfect as they can be, BEFORE they are seen in public. In a perfect world, I’ve always thought that indie authors should have their books go through an indie author board (or a professional editor) before publishing. It would raise the quality by leaps and bounds. I will write a post and make sure you see it. Thanks for bringing this up.

The comment above, from :

Good article about gauging your readiness to publish:

For self-publishers, an excellent article about the different kinds of editing and some awesome links for help finding an editor:

What are your thoughts?


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Okay, someone needs to stop me…

I woke up this morning, well it was really almost 11. Anyway, I was looking around and my eye caught on some star wands that I need to give my granddaughters, from a mutual friend. Soon I had a story rumbling in my head and I was off.

I have been writing and editing all damn day long, and half the night! I made some coffee, finally ate a snack, packed some things for my move tomorrow and wrote like crazy. I completed a children’s story of 10 words shy of 4000 words. Crazy. It just came out. Does it happen like that for you? And, hey I have no illusions that this could get whittled in half by a real editor, but I’m good with that.

It is the process that is so…gripping, so addictive. Also the thrill my grands will have when they get this for their birthdays, when they get to go on the same adventure as the girls I wrote about. I hope I can wait for July! I’m actually pretty sure I will find an excuse to make it earlier.

I had problems with tenses, about who was doing the narrating, and a few glitches with this can’t happen yet, that has to happen first, but otherwise it flowed from my poor tired fingers. Did I mention that I am so not a typist. My sister had an idea that maybe I could find a high school or college student to type my piles of writing for me. Hmmm that sure sounds good, but it didn’t save me today.

Thanks for stopping by, (oh & please note that I’ve figured out “tags”)