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EDDD 8; Winter Beach With Surfers and Eagles

My horoscope for Sunday, Dec 8, 2013 — “You Crabs are amongst the most sensitive creatures in the entire cosmic zoo. However, if something reminds you of a past disappointment, your inclination is to shy away from interactions that restimulate the pain. Unfortunately, the very act of shielding yourself from rejection can also fulfill your worst fears by restricting the flow of love and acceptance. Don’t make a decision based upon an event from long ago. Instead, open your heart and allow yourself to feel what’s really happening in the present moment.” By Rick Levine

Oh, posh! My heart is wide open to the present moment. I’m not feeling any rejection or past disappointments right now, so bring on the love and acceptance:>)

Which isn’t to say that all is jolly (my friend, D.G.’s word) in my cave world. No, no, no. I picked up my old laptop and the doc had to do a lobotomy. That’s right, the brain died and the doc replaced it with an empty one. And if that weren’t crying-out-loud-crisis enough, I have tried every trick in my small techy brain and can’t get online. So, there it sits, with an empty brain and no wi-fi.

I spent the afternoon going through all those scraps of papers that we all collect, because I knew I had that damn network security key written down somewhere! I ended up surrounded by several distinct piles: theirs and mine genealogy; jotted down poems, plots and ideas; bills I’m ignoring; lists of books and movies I want to read/watch; travel maps, brochures and postcards and finally, the security key! Oh, and a big bag of garbage sits by my door now.

I typed the security key in 203 different ways and, no go. I gathered up each pile and placed them neatly in a tote and snapped the lid on it. I’ve given up on getting into my empty laptop for now. I’m not even tempted to look in the “documents” folder on this laptop to see how much of my writing I lost, because I didn’t copy it over here. I’ve put off exploring the cloud thingy where I think I backed up my old laptop.  I’ve moved on to enjoying the photos I took yesterday. See, I’m allowing myself to feel the present moment:>)

Back to enjoying yesterday, today. Man, do I have some fun stuff to show you. I’m going to put them on a slide show, because Elaine liked that (and I’m trying not to overwhelm her with this damn Every Damn Day December nonsense). However, I’m also going to put one by itself in this post to try and fool Facebook into including a photo. Hehehehe, I’m going to figure out their formula if it’s the last thing I do!

I need to give my photo journey driver, I mean, my friend Greg, credit. I would never have seen the Peregrine Falcon or the Eagles yesterday. The peregrine blended right into the sand and driftwood and Greg even drove by it at first. I got shots of the falcon on 2 different perches and flying, because I disturbed him when I got out to see if he was tangled in those ropes that he is standing on. It was just weird that he didn’t move when we parked near him. So I got out and he flew about 20 feet and found a new perch. Turns out he was waiting for us to leave so he could finish his lunch. Poor sea gull:>(

The eagles were perched on 2 poles, but so far away that it just looked like 2 poles painted white at the top. Nope, Greg had a hunch. I snapped a photo and then zoomed it and sure enough, it was a pair of eagles. Cool. Also cool, like 46 degrees cool, was the water that the surfers are playing in. Sure, they have wet suits on, but brrrrr!

One photo has a crane standing in the surf, with gulls floating in front of it. Another is a completely barnacle-encrusted tree lying on the beach, with the Olympic Mountains in the background. The one with the gull flying, with all water behind it, also has a crashed surfer’s board showing through the waves. Enjoy.

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Westport, Washington winter surfer. PHALL PHOTO 2013

Westport, Washington winter surfer.

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