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Writer’s Journal; Missing Alaska, My Home Away From Home

Calm evening, Peterson Bay, Homer, Alaska PHALL PHOTO 2011

Calm, cloudy evening, Peterson Bay, Homer, Alaska

A soothing place for a morning cup of coffee. The Peterson Bay home of sis Sharon & Captain Honey.
A soothing place for a morning cup of coffee.
The Peterson Bay blueberry haven of sis Sharon & Captain Honey. PHALL PHOTO 2011

Homesick for Alaska and my peeps there.

I am writing! Get off me:>) If FB was never invented I would be writing more, but I am writing.

* Shared children’s stories w/new blog friend and we cross-edited. Done

* Read blog friend’s published book and will write up review this week.

*Promoting my blog site and “gutsy story” all over social media. Ongoing.

*Wrote essay for Chicken Soup submission. Being edited by two friends. Re-Write in progress.

*Socially involved with an incredible group of writers on WP blogs and commenting on many others.

*In the itchy-finger stage of writing for pay, on a site I was invited to join.

*Oh, yay, and 11 days left of Camp NNWM and am confident I will finish, although need to work harder at the shaping.

* Posting serial of Postcards on this site.

* My head is overflowing with stories, poetry and ideas for memoir series.

*Mr. I.V. Poley immortalized by inclusion in a story here:

There must be more, but I need a nap now.

Stay tuned,


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Writer’s Pitfalls & Quandaries

It has been a long day running my son and grandsons on various errands. I’m beat! When I get home I wake up the computer and roll along to check in with the blogs I follow, find new ones and research writing, contests, memoirs, and publishing. Somewhere in there I edit and rewrite a few projects in my writing files.

I’m in a quandary about the memoir. There are several family members who will be less than thrilled about me writing a memoir that is primarily focused on the relationship between my husband and I, and the last year of his life. Will that be the deciding factor in my publishing this memoir? It may be. I need to consult with someone who knows the ins and outs of this issue.

I’m also researching the facts about posting my stories, poetry, etc on this blog, and how that may affect my ability to sell them, or even enter them in contests. Some may consider posting on a blog as publishing, which would exclude the writing I do here from being marketable. Hmm.

These are only a few of the issues that I am trying to find answers to. There are many more along the way. I am trying to be as professional as I can, while steering clear of amateur mistakes that are detrimental to my writing career.