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EDDD 11; Thawing Those Frozen Plans

Frozen waterwheel in front of restaurant in Grayland, WA.  PHALL PHOTO 2013

Frozen waterwheel in front of restaurant in Grayland, WA.

The beginning and end of tonight’s post went on at 7 p.m., but when I check at 10:30, everything in between is still blank! Frozen. Today’s horoscope didn’t suit my mood and if I wrote my own it would just say, zzzzzzzzz. Yep, I slept my day away, after going to bed around 11 this morn. Mom’s call woke me around 6 this eve and I was sleeping so hard I didn’t know what day or time or life I was in. Depression, she suggests. Nonsense, I’m just on a different schedule than most.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m heading to Alaska soon to help mom and my brother when they have their hip, back and neck surgeries. That’s been moved ahead to January or February. My frozen plans are beginning to thaw. Okay, now if I can get these computers going, maybe I can make a leap of progress in getting the Postcards published. I have a stack of book reviews to write and a small stack of books to read for reviews. I have some more genealogy organizing I’d like to get through, and I am excited about the ancestor info coming from England any day.

That almost sounds like a plan. Don’t be ridiculous! I’m just thinking out loud, in writing. To you. And you probably have all sorts of plans, don’t you? Admit it. And you’ll probably follow through on them. I know you will, because I surround myself with supportive, rational, friends who follow their plans. Cool. I’m psyched now. Here I go to follow my plan…”see” you soon.

Happy 5th birthday to my grandson, Hunter.

Thawed & Planfully Yours,


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I mean REALLY frozen! PHALL PHOTO 2013

I mean REALLY frozen!