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Writer’s Journal; Memoir, Beach and Pieces of Me

Kites down on beach.

Kites down on beach.

Please see the new collage of photos in column on far right.

Beach Tour…

It was sad to see the beach so littered from the celebration of our country’s freedom. Yep,  tons of firework and party mess on the beach. I told my friend that I wish every person who celebrated and left trash would come out in the daylight the next day and clean up. Did you?

I still found many wonderful things to bring back for you (not the garbage). It was another tide pool day. I won’t bore you with too many more tide pool treasures though. It was also a tourist day and it was very cool to see so many families out enjoying the beach…kites, cook outs, sand castles, dogs, surf fishing and one family had two people completely buried laying down, so that only their heads stuck out—that is pure trust. It was quite a scene for a cave dweller to experience, but I reveled in it and smiled and waved and found so many pictures to bring you.

Memoir/Writing News…

The memoir is going good. I got invited to share my mind map poster and journal page with the local writer’s group next Saturday. Our writing group is  putting together a writer’s mini conference this winter; hopefully, the first annual one.  I returned my friend’s book to her and we had a great talk about her book, the changes she’s making, and the next steps to publish it.  We also discussed my memoir series and the writing camp. She is a veteran of NaNoWriMo and was happy that I joined. I felt jazzed talking about writing and books in person, rather than the virtual world. Don’t get me wrong, I love my peeps here too, but you know.

Personal Pieces…

I became a great aunt on the 6th. She is the fourth great grandchild for my parents, and my sister’s 2nd grandchild. It all happened in Alaska, so I probably won’t get to hold this baby until next year, whaaa. Thank the fairies for the internet and digital cameras, because I’ve already got to see her. Oh yes, she’s a beauty.

I will be staying the night with my 3 grandchildren and my daughter tonight.  My two grand daughters have birthdays this month, so it will be a fun time to visit. I get to be with my son for part of Tuesday, and we finally get to have a visit with his 4 year-old son.  It’s going to be hard to be away from my cave and my beach, but I’m so excited to see them all and play mom and grani for a day or so.

Be back in a couple days,