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Writer’s Night Shift & A Bicycle Animal Tour

Since I’ve given up calling this insomnia, I decided to call it the night shift. It’s actually just living with little sleep. Usually I sleep for a few hours around the time most people are sitting down for dinner.  I worked on the memoir and spent hours fussing with this site. Part of those hours were learning new terms and how things work. If you look at the top right hand side you will see my new pages. One for my personal and business info: All About Me. I will compile some of the writer’s groups and associations I joined, and I’m calling that: Where I Hang My Hats. I tried to change  Home to Main Street, but was thwarted by technology.

I was recently gifted an incredible bicycle, with matching helmet, lights, side mirror and mini computer thingy. That’s one of my technical terms. I’ve played around on it a bit; just around the driveway and cul-de-sac though. This morning I toured the neighborhood and met all the early morning creatures. I logged an astounding 4.83 miles! I’m sure I’ll be riding marathons soon. Do they let you stop and take pictures of bunnies on marathons?

Dogs are my only fear with riding a bike, but the ones I met today were very friendly, or too old to chase me. I met a lot of bold bunnies and later I saw why: people set carrots out in the driveways for them. A couple of the deer that I saw looked unhealthily skinny, but were nibbling grass in the field, or our neighbor’s flowers–I ran that one off. I saw a new-looking carved wood lighthouse, and a mama and baby whale driftwood carving that is wind, rain and sun worn.

The best thing that I learned was how to get around the hills. Maybe, eventually they won’t look like mountains, but for now I’m finding ways around.

Stay Tuned,