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Turbine-Bird Stubbed Toe Blood Family Saga Soup



Add commas, periods, exclamation or question marks at will. I just couldn’t decide how to make a title out of all these subjects, so I quit. You decide, I’m tired.

I know I take a lot of photos of some subjects, and this wind turbine is one. But, guess what? I didn’t take these, I was going to, but son, Jon, said he had a better angle where he was. I’d say! Now I know why these are called bird-friendly wind turbines.

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Had a good week with Jon. I drove him home this afternoon. I keep thinking he’s in the other room. I even started to tell him something tonight, but caught myself and laughed. When I took him home, we stopped at daughter, Sara’s, and had an impromptu dinner. She had a pot of chicken noodle soup on and had just taken lemon bars and raspberry bars out of the oven. Had Texas toast with the soup. Yum!

Also got pedicure:>) Anything to avoid my poor wounded toe!

Also got pedicure:>) Anything to avoid my poor wounded toe! Cameron’s making sure she doesn’t hurt me:>) That’s my truck in the background.

Yesterday I stubbed my toe pretty hard while cleaning my kitchen. I screamed a Marine word, then went back to washing dishes. A little while later, I felt something sticky on the floor and realized that my toe was bleeding. Went to wash it off and realized that the nail was only barely held on by the skin at the base. I screamed, “Ahhh!!!” Then I put a Band-aid on the whole thing. I thought maybe my son would check it out and deal with it when he got back from fishing. Nope. Every time I said, blood, he said, Ketchup. Sheesh. So, I figure my daughter would take care of it today…you know, the one with firefighter training and a CNA? Nope. Oh, she soaked it in a bowl, put some cream on the Band-aid, bandaged it up big so I wouldn’t hurt it on anything, but she refused to look at it. She liked the idea of calling my blood, Ketchup, too. Wimps. All three of us :>) At least I can say “blood.”

That’s enough of this family saga for now. I’ve been adding some writerly finds to my Facebook page here, in case you want to check them out.

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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Maui Wind Turbines copyright 2012 Patti Hall

Maui Wind Turbines
copyright 2012 Patti Hall

The curves are what caught my eye when my mother and I were flying over Maui this winter. In the midst of this rugged country and churning ocean, are these seemingly smooth, clear service roads that draw curves across the landscape when seen from the air.

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