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Writer’s Retreat, Conference & Family in Homer, Alaska

Author Dana Stabenow is attempting to establish a writer’s retreat for women in a town in Alaska where my sister lives. Dana writes the Aleut P.I., Kate Shugak mystery series that I have followed for years.

Homer already has a successful annual writer’s conference that I have been trying to make it to for the last 3 years. The Kachemak Bay conference will be held June 14-18 this year. Last year I came closest when I won half a scholarship. Still did not make it. Check it out:

My favorite thing about Homer, Alaska is my sis, Sharon, and her husband, Captain Honey (actually Tim). I have spent a few weeks with them each summer for the last several years. From their beautiful home with my sister’s real estate business below, to fishing from their boat, to their wonderful cabin across the bay, to flowers on my bedside table, it always feels like a glamorous vacation to me.

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Lost touch

Just completed a home move and finally have internet again. Today was writer group meeting, which was very productive. This was the 3rd meeting I have attended and it is a joy to learn what other writers in my area are doing. We shared what we are all learning about the business of writing, then each person shared their own writing. We have poetry, novels and short stories. A diverse group that is wonderful at feed-back. The group leader has us all helping to plan a local writer retreat.

I have been doing more reading lately, but look forward to getting the writing groove back. Many projects under way. The main project is a book. I have done some research and learned the difference between autobiography and memoir; one is from day one in your life, while a memoir is usually a particular period in your life. Also, decided the book is to be a memoir, instead of a self-help book. And memoirs sure seem to be hot right now.

Have been checking out and “following” several other writer blogs. Have been “invited” to join a writer site that allows us to give and receive feed-back. I am learning about the current trends in writing and publishing in leaps and bounds. Have pegged several writer’s conferences as possibilities in the near future.

My next writer challenge from our group is to make/buy an author business card. Will work on this over the next week.

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