to find Patti Singleton these days.


Frivolous odds & ends about me…

These came about when I was participating in blogger awards.

11 Unknown Facts About Me:

  1. I love the sound of chimes; I even have some hanging on a curtain that I brush past regularly.
  2. I love smelling like camp fire.
  3. I sleep with a blanket, sheet or pillow over my head.
  4. I sing, talk, shout and memorize poetry while beach combing.
  5. I don’t watch or have a TV.
  6. I love to fish, especially in Katchemak Bay, Alaska.
  7. I love to free-style dance to jazz and blues.
  8. I swerve to miss frogs on rainy days and nights (watch out!).
  9. Our family raised a pet raccoon, Ricky, who retired to the Alaska Children’s Zoo. TanaBevan‏@TanaBevan said “Overcoming much sorrow & loss w/grace & dignity.” @PattiHallWrite … A reminder of Ricky Raccoon.
  10. I have been in every state in the U.S., including Hawaii.
  11. I have email subscriptions to Hawaiian and Greek newspapers (written in English!)


11 Questions for the Nominee (me) of the Leibster Award :

  1. Are you a spy? I may be, but if I answer I’ll have to…well, you know.
  2. What has to happen for you to say you had a perfect writing day? A perfect writing day is when the magic happens and the words flow.
  3. If you won a two-week all-expenses-paid trip to anywhere in the world, where would you go? Two weeks isn’t very long, but okay, Greece.
  4. What do you enjoy most about blogging? Better than all the things I’m learning, are the people I’m meeting and the mutual support we give each other.
  5. Do you have a master plan to take over the world? Yes, one book at a time.
  6. Who do you think should inherit the earth and why? Whoever is listed in the will, because that’s the law. Duh.
  7. If you had the funds to design your perfect writing space, what would it look like? It would be painted white, high ceiling, windows for walls, all the latest office equipment, rocking chair (of course!), fake fireplace and real a/c. Damn, where am I going to hang the bulletin boards and book shelves? Okay one real wall then. Wood floor with yummy throw rugs, and a soft couch with tons of pillows.
  8. What is your favorite animal (wild or domesticated)? My grandchildren; they are wildly domesticated.
  9. Where did you hide the money? See second half of answer #1.
  10. Have you ever been in a witness protection program? If I was, no one told me. Mom? Dad? Can you answer this nut?
  11. Do you think I’m crazy? (trick question) See last two words of last sentence of answer #10, now capitalize the first word and exchange the question mark with an exclamation mark, or three. (Trick answer)

 Post seven interesting things about yourself. Ugh, really? I think I have exhausted the interesting things. How about things you don’t know?

1- I won a house for $1.00 many years ago.

2- I dated an Italian male stripper in Oklahoma City when I was 21.

3- I have lived on 2 of the San Juan Islands of Washington State.

4- I have attended the births of 7 babies, plus 2 of my own.

5- I hope to travel and live in the Greek Islands and Central America for at least several months each.

6- I have been frog-gigging on an air boat, in the middle of the night, in a swamp in Florida. Eww!

7- I have hiked to the rim of the crater of Mt. Saint Helens in Washington State, and through the underground lava tubes nearby.

27 thoughts on “MORE ABOUT ME

  1. Patti,

    Midlife Collage is looking for submissions in our free-entry contests. We run weekly, online writing contests for a cash prize. Perhaps you would be eligible and interested in submitting a short story. Please see our Submissions page for the guidelines and contest rules. Go to our Calendar page and watch the short videos for topic ideas. Thank you.

    Editor, Midlife Collage

    • Donna,
      Thank you very much. Your site looks interesting and i will get there in a couple of days–going to see little grands!
      I do look forward to this opportunity. I have been so focused on the memoir and other stories, I haven’t submitted as much as I would like to.
      Thanks again,

    • Donna,
      I love the community of writers that you have built on your site! My mind is bursting with ideas; so much has happened in my life since 1999 when I turned 40,
      I am so curious, though. I can’t find any info about you and why you started this site. I’m interested in that. Maybe I can interview you for both of our sites?
      Please think about it.
      I have to get my act together to go visit my family, but will check in when I get back.
      My email addy is at the bottom of the current “Souvenirs” post.
      Thank you,

      • Sorry for the delay in responding. The website isn’t about me, which is intentional, so I stay in the background. However, I do need to update the From the Editor page so people will know more about me. Thank you for the reminder. Would be happy to do in interview. Please contact me by email with your questions.

  2. Hi Patti, I am really enjoying your blog! So happy you found me on FB. I have many happy memories of us as kids in Anchorage growing up on O’Malley Road! I am an avid reader and would love to read more of your work.


  3. Dear Patti,

    I wanted to write you to sincerely thank you for choosing to follow my journey through my blog, it means so much to me that I can connect with people from all walks of life. I adore your blog!

    Best wishes,

  4. Hi Patti…I’m Sherry. Giving you a big hug…life slaps us around…some more than others! I cry weekly…it’s therapeutic (not on a set schedule). Sending you peace!

    • Thank you! No schedule here either. Pretty embarrassing sometimes…standing and talking w/people and burst into tears…
      Thanks for stopping in and commenting, Sherry. Peace back at you:>)

  5. Thank you so much for following us!

  6. Beautiful blog, Patti. Thanks for following me. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  7. Dear Patti – I was thinking about you this morning and I’ve been browsing your site. It feels so powerful. I need to visit more often. Hugs, W

  8. I know a little more now, Patti. You have been smacked around. I can imagine how comforting the ocean must be as my forest is to me. Dogs and light. Powerful site and I haven’t begun the memoir page. Thank you.

    • Thank you for exploring my place, Elaine. Yes, the ocean is a comfort…I do miss my forest, though. Have lived in the comfort and magic of the forest from 1997?- until I moved to the beach in 2010. As long as I can remember, I have wanted to live near the beach…so here I am. It was the right move.

  9. I am blown away….so professional and charming. So glad I know this beautiful lady.

  10. Hi Patti, Thanks for visiting my blog and following. You have an amazing blog here. It’s incredible that you’ve been in every state of the US! Have you traveled to other parts of the world as well?

    • No, but Greece is at the top of my list. In 2001 my family bought a 20′ RV and I took my 2 homeschooling children on a tour of the U.S. That racked up a majority of the states, and my nomad younger years covered the rest:>)
      Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed my visit at your place too.

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  13. Chimes, campfire, jazz, poetry…add some mulled wine and a campfire stew, and I’d almost be in heaven! Sadly, I do manage to pollute the scene with a television and a guilty DVD series addiction. And a pet racoon? That would the source of many entertaining stories, I am sure. I had a dog that looked a bit like a racoon – does that count? 😉 Very happy to be part of your blogging world…off to read some more 🙂

    • Ah, Alarna Rose, you stayed awhile! Nice to see you here. The stew and wine sounds perfect. Well, we have to have a spot for our TV addicts. Yes, your dog counts, we love animals around here 🙂
      Very happy to have you 🙂

  14. Hello from Paint The World With Words! I’m Amreen Shaikh and I blog. Thank you following my blog! I must say, you have an amazing blog and great content! Good Work! I wished to contact you, but did not see an email ID! Can you please drop in your email ID on

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